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Public Relations

An effective press release can work wonders for your business. Our team of experienced publicists and writers will enable you to gain exposure through attention-grabbing articles published in appropriately targeted media to get your story to the public in a very cost-effective way.

Press Releases will benefit you in endless ways. When searching your business, potential customers can learn your story. When liasing with clients, you can show them your press release campaigns as you explain your offering. When on your website, clients can click press links and view all your projects, achievements and more through written articles. Let your press do the talking and your customers come running to you with higher exposure, conversions and endless benefits!

Share Networks

We have a share network across various social media platforms that encapsulates 50M+ followers.

One of the best ways to gain exposure online is to put out content that evokes emotion to the masses. Laughing, crying or smiling are emotions which make users on social media take action in the form of a like, comment or share.

Helping you create this type of content and share it to the masses can leads to incredible results, often in the formn of hundreds of millions of views.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves leveraging the audience and loyal following of individuals with a strong network on social media.

Unlike share networks which are usually focused around agenera, vitalised video explaining your product or service, influencer marketing involves a real-life portrayal of influencers using your product.

This real-world element assists in building trust for your brand, gives you lots of content to advertise with, gains you rapid exposure and even converts sales when used effectively with affiliate influencer programs which incentivise a passionate level of promotion.

Social Media

The power and reach of Social Media is undeniable. We have extensive skills and experience in all aspects of marketing in this space and our team has worked with many leading companies across a wide range of industries. We know what will get the best results for your goals.

Our goals in this space involve running multiple cross-platform campaigns with two primary objetives: exposure and sales. We aim to make the sales-focused campaign fund the exposure campaign, this way you can scale your exposure indefinitely at no additional cost.

Data Provisioning

Having access to quality data is paramount to understanding your market and identifying more potential customers.

We have the capability to provide you with specific, targeted data to increase sales opportunities effectively and maximise your return on investment.

By reaching this base of potential customers through a communication outlet, you can increase your global or national targeted awareness and even increase your sales - depending on the intention of your campaign.

Is Exposure Best Fit For Your Business?

Typically, we recommend most businesses start of with a positively converting sales funnel before trying to gain large exposure. However, it is often best suited to dive right into exposure for certain business or alternatively create a hybrid which focuses on driving both sales and exposure.

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12,000+ Clients Across Our Software Solutions

We own and operate 8 unique SaaS platforms, offering a range of services to businesses and individuals. Through these platforms, we have accumulated over 12,000 clients. Inquire now to discover simpler marketing solutions or to experience the same marketing power that built these businesses firsthand.

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"Over 150 Warm Leads In Our First 2 Weeks!"

Within 2 weeks of creating a new landing page optimised for conversions, Juku Tutoring was gaining over 10 'ready to go' leads every single day. This delivered an unmeasurable ROI for the business which is set to scale exponentially in the months to come. Funnels like this have grown many of our clients businesses by up to 500% in just weeks!

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Download Our Analytics

Discover the power of exposure-based campaigns and exactly how many people they can reach in little time frames. Use this to gauge whether this type of campaign is relevant for your business based on your current needs and conversion model.

We Understand Big & Small Businesses!

Whilst we work with a range of businesses, all of different sizes - we apply big business thinking across the board, allowing small businesses to scale accordingly.

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Lorbek Luxury Cars

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Holden Spare Parts

Body Blendz

The Kickspan Values

Our Core Values define how we Operate and Work with You


Everybody Wins

It's a very simple but highly effective philosophy that we believe in. We delight you with results that exceed your expectations, your business prospers and you come back to us for more. Your success is our success. You win - we win.  Everybody Wins.

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Do More with Less

Our focus is all about maximising the return on your investment. Our goal is to get you the best possible outcome for every dollar you spend with us. We don't believe in needlessly complicated and costly solutions that add little tangible value for you. Our value proposition is to do more for you with less.

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Relationships are Priceless

Your trust in our team means everything to us. We take this very seriously. In return, we strive to repay your trust by getting you the best possible outcome at all times and being with you for the long haul. In short, your relationship with us is priceless.

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Learn and Grow

The digital space does not stand still. It is alway evolving - it is always changing. Similarly, we need to ensure we are at the forefront of emerging technologies and trends. We need to provide the latest and greatest solutions to you. As an organisation and as individuals, we constantly strive to learn and grow.

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