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We Offer Essential Branding Services For Every Business & Individual

Press & Television

Through our extensive network of journalists, we can help you secure major publications on television, newspaper and magazines. This will give you major exposure and long-term credibility.

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Google Panel & Wikipedia Page

Having a Google Knowledge Panel or Wikipedia page is one of the best ways to showcase your business anytime it's searched. These typically rank first on Google, getting your message across.

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Global Podcast Show Appearances

Through our network of podcast hosts, we can get you featured as a guest on 50+ podcasts - no matter where you live! Meet in person or video chat and tell your story to a new audience every time.

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What makes us different?

We Live & Breathe The Digital World

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Increase Your Sales Conversions By Up To 300%

Press Releases will benefit you in endless ways. When searching your business, potential customers can learn your story. When liasing with clients, you can show them your press release campaigns as you explain your offering. When on your website, clients can click press links and view all your projects, achievements and more through written articles. Let your press do the talking and your customers come running to you with higher exposure, conversions and endless benefits!

Places We and Our Partners Helped Our Clients Get Their Stories Published

And 150+ More...

Our Partners Have Worked With 100+ Clients

We've teamed up with "Influencer Podcasts." Press To View Their Press Kits.

Other PR Agents

Anyone who has worked with a traditional PR agency knows the headaches associated with press.

Charge a monthly fee regardless of results

Charge for stuff you don't want (e.g. Press Kits)

No guarantee of secured publications going live

Won't tell you where you're being published

Require hours of communication daily

Large set-up costs with lock-in contracts


We streamline the process, allowing you to pay only for what you want and providing you with clarity.

Charge fee based only on results

Charge fee only for the publications

Guarantee on secured publications going live

Will tell you where and when you're being published

Simply create your package and go!

No lock in contracts. Pay whenever you need press!

Our Four-Step Process

The easiest way to fulfil your potential alongside the media


You Create Your Package

We determine your goals and evaluate your story. From there we create a list of publications in which we see your story being relevant. This will give you an accurate idea of what your campaign will entail.

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We Write Your Pitch To Journalists

We discuss your story and determine which parts of it would be of most interest to both journalists and the public, since the goal of press is to bring light to a story which needs to be heard.

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We Secure Your Publications

Here we reach out to our network of journalists and determine which outlets would like to take on your story. The more interesting your story, the more publications you will typically get. This is why we work alongside you to constantly create new, intriguing stories about your business.

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We Go Live

We go live with your publications and email you the links so you can see them! From there we also pitch to smaller channels to see whether they also wish to write about your story. Typically, other journalists will follow the major press and also write about you once they see it's relevant.

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Press Releases Are The New Testimonials

Testimonials have become over used and undervalued in todays digital world. They no longer provide the same level of credibility they once did. Press releases are now the best way to tell your story and establish trust for your business.

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Credibility For Life With Endless Benefits

Often when customers buy a product or service, they choose a business based on it's story, reputation and point of difference. Press releases are one of the best ways to highlight achievement and the background story behind why your offering came to life.

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The Kickspan Values

Our Core Values define how we Operate and Work with You


Everybody Wins

It's a very simple but highly effective philosophy that we believe in. We delight you with results that exceed your expectations, your business prospers and you come back to us for more. Your success is our success. You win - we win.  Everybody Wins.

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Do More with Less

Our focus is all about maximising the return on your investment. Our goal is to get you the best possible outcome for every dollar you spend with us. We don't believe in needlessly complicated and costly solutions that add little tangible value for you. Our value proposition is to do more for you with less.

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Relationships are Priceless

Your trust in our team means everything to us. We take this very seriously. In return, we strive to repay your trust by getting you the best possible outcome at all times and being with you for the long haul. In short, your relationship with us is priceless.

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Learn and Grow

The digital space does not stand still. It is alway evolving - it is always changing. Similarly, we need to ensure we are at the forefront of emerging technologies and trends. We need to provide the latest and greatest solutions to you. As an organisation and as individuals, we constantly strive to learn and grow.

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