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We Build You An
Optimised Website

Before driving traffic to a website, we optimise it to convert sales or leads unlike 98% of websites that simply don't.

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We Refine Your
Brand & Socials

In order to maximise your landing page conversions, we recommend professional branding and press around your offering.

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We Drive Relevant Traffic
To Your Landing Page

After refining your funnel, we use various ad sets to reach your target audiences and convert sales or leads accordingly.

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We Scale Your Business
& Increase Your Sales!

Once we establish an online funnel that consistently delivers you a positive return on investment, we scale it indefinitely!

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Let's Break It Down Further

Here is a rundown of how our landing page sales system works.

1. We Build You A Custom Landing Page

Features Include

One Call To Action

In order to convert website traffic into interested leads, you landing page should encapsulate only one specific goal.

Proven Sales Methods

Working on a landing page extends far past having a good website developer. Our team of sales copy writers and designers create a selling machine.

Sales Integrations

At the end of the day it all comes down to the numbers. Our job is to give you the maximum ROI and to do this we use a variety of apps designed to increase sales.

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2. We Refine Your Brand & Socials

To Get Sales Over The Line We Utilise

Creative Graphic Design

Before committing to a purchase, clients will analyse how credible your business is. The quality of your visuals are typically the first thing noticed. Our team of designers have worked in all aspects of design. Consistency and quality will serve in establishing credibility when closing clients.

Press Release Campaigns

Testimonials have become over used and undervalued in todays digital world. They no longer provide the same level of credibility they once did. For this reason, we use press release campaigns to help you convert clients through your website and sales pitch. These provide value which lasts a lifetime!

Social Media Management

When your clients are deciding if you're the right fit, they will typically analyse your social media channels. Are you active? Is your quality of high content? Are you experienced? Your social media will typically tell them everything they need to know before committing.

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3. We Drive Relevant Traffic To Your Landing Page

We Do This Through

Facebook Advertising

This involves our team of Facebook Ads specialists will create content to sell your product or service and display it directly to Facebook users who are likely to purchase. We use a variety of features such as pixel tracking, retargeting and sales copy to maximise conversions.

Google Advertising

We know what works best on the Google search engine and we'll create ads designed to get you relevant clicks that convert to sales. Return on your investment is key here and we have cost-effective strategies to get the best outcome for you in this space.

Data Provisioning

Having access to quality data is paramount to understanding your customers and the market(s) you operate in. We have the capability to provide you with specific, targeted data to achieve your business needs in an effective manner and maximise your return on investment.

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4. We Scale Your Business & Increase Your Sales

Benefits Include

Automated Results

Once we have a positively converting funnel for your business, your sales model becomes almost fully automated. Relevant traffic is automatically driven and leads or sales increase accordingly.

Endless Scalability

A winning sales funnel can scale to the full extent of your pool of buyers. Once we have a model that positively converts sales, we can increase your reach to a level that drives as much work as you can possibly handle.

Constant Refinement

Every week, we review your advertisements and discuss changes with you to ensure constant improvement. We never get complacent, to ensure you consistently stay on top and eat your competition alive!

Increase Sales

Recent Case Studies

We are at the forefront of innovation - Join us!

"Over 150 Warm Leads In Our First 2 Weeks!"

Within 2 weeks of creating a new landing page optimised for conversions, Juku Tutoring was gaining over 10 'ready to go' leads every single day. This delivered an unmeasurable ROI for the business which is set to scale exponentially in the months to come. Funnels like this have grown many of our clients businesses by up to 500% in just weeks!

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12,000+ Clients Across Our Software Solutions

We own and operate 8 unique SaaS platforms, offering a range of services to businesses and individuals. Through these platforms, we have accumulated over 12,000 clients. Inquire now to discover simpler marketing solutions or to experience the same marketing power that built these businesses firsthand.

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Multi-Platform Websites That Look Immaculate

These days, devices come in all types of forms. Laptops, tablets, phones, iPads etc. Since our websites are custom-made, without the use of "cookie-cutter" software, we are able to customise every website's design to suit every type of aspect ratio, ensuring quality across the board.

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We Understand Big & Small Businesses!

Whilst we work with a range of businesses, all of different sizes - we apply big business thinking across the board, allowing small businesses to scale accordingly.

The George On Collins

Swinburne University

Lorbek Luxury Cars

Royal Melbourne Hotel

Holden Spare Parts

Body Blendz

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“In just two weeks of partnering with Kickspan, we received more leads than the entirety of 2019”


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The Kickspan Values

Our Core Values define how we Operate and Work with You


Everybody Wins

It's a very simple but highly effective philosophy that we believe in. We delight you with results that exceed your expectations, your business prospers and you come back to us for more. Your success is our success. You win - we win.  Everybody Wins.

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Do More with Less

Our focus is all about maximising the return on your investment. Our goal is to get you the best possible outcome for every dollar you spend with us. We don't believe in needlessly complicated and costly solutions that add little tangible value for you. Our value proposition is to do more for you with less.

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Relationships are Priceless

Your trust in our team means everything to us. We take this very seriously. In return, we strive to repay your trust by getting you the best possible outcome at all times and being with you for the long haul. In short, your relationship with us is priceless.

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Learn and Grow

The digital space does not stand still. It is alway evolving - it is always changing. Similarly, we need to ensure we are at the forefront of emerging technologies and trends. We need to provide the latest and greatest solutions to you. As an organisation and as individuals, we constantly strive to learn and grow.

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